We do Birthday Parties!

Why here?
Mt. Tom's is a cool old-fashioned ice cream parlor and candy store, need we say more?

What happens?
A birthday party at Mt. Tom's includes a fun and interactive ice cream making lesson in the kitchen, followed by a custom-made ice cream cake, candles, and the traditional singing of Happy Birthday in a section of the shop decorated just for the occasion. Kids can play your own party games, open presents, and enjoy a 'make your own sundae' experience (optional). All this topped off with a goody bag (1/3rd of a pound, a fun mix of candy, variety based on the age of children) for each child to bring home. A typical party will last around an hour and a half. Since the shop is relatively small with limited seating, we try to keep parties to between 6 and 12 children.

How much does it cost?
The cost is just $14.95 per child. This includes the ice cream cake, goody bags, ice cream tasting as part of the demonstration, and party incidentals (paper products, hats, cleanup, etc.). Special requests, no problem. Pricing info is yours for the asking.

How far in advance do I need to book it?
You should try to book your party as far ahead as possible, just to make sure we don't line up another event for that day. When booking, please provide us with the following info (as best you can): date and time range (12:30 - 2:00pm is preferable), number of children attending, goody bags requests, how you'd like the ice cream cake decorated (e.g. 'Happy Birthday Billy'), beverage requests, and anything else you might like to be included.

Just one more thing...
We can generally handle a birthday party anytime from Mid-October thru March, but we since we don't have a separate party room we are unable to host parties April 1st until early October. Just too hectic in the shop.

Thank you, and we hope to be able to help you create new birthday memories for your child someday soon!

Contact us for more information.